Know the Condition of Your Chimney

Know the Condition of Your Chimney

Schedule regular chimney inspections for your Waltham, MA or other area home

Your chimney is essentially a machine. Chimneys, like any other machine, need regular inspection and maintenance. The Clean Sweep offers annual chimney inspection services to home and business owners in Waltham, MA and surrounding areas.

Don’t let too much time pass before scheduling your next chimney inspection. Problems could be getting worse without you knowing. Schedule an inspection with The Clean Sweep today.

3 things we look for in a chimney inspection

The chimney is a fairly simple structure, but there are several things that can could create a potentially dangerous situation for you and your family. The Clean Sweep’s thorough inspection will ensure that your chimney is performing up to safety standards.

We’ll keep an eye out for these potential problems with your chimney:

  1. Obstructions or build-up
  2. Structural damage or decay
  3. Poor fireplace performance

Reach out to us today to learn more about what a chimney inspection in Waltham, MA involves.