Get Your House Ready for Your Family's New Addition

Get Your House Ready for Your Family's New Addition

Make your home safe for children with babyproofing in Waltham, MA

As your baby learns to crawl, they’ll also start learning how to get into trouble. The Clean Sweep installs gates and latches to keep small children from exploring too much. Babyproofing ensures that all the appliances and doorways in your home are safe for babies.
For first-time parents, bringing your child home can be daunting. We’ll make this incredible time a little less stressful by outfitting your whole house with safety features. We install:

  • Gates at the top and bottom of stairs
  • Window guards
  • Safety latches and locks
  • Outlet covers

Contact us now to learn more about the babyproofing process in Waltham, MA.

Our handyman adds child-safe features throughout your home

Kids are curious by nature. You can foster that curiosity without putting them at risk. Hire a handyman to babyproof your home so you don't have to worry about sharp corners, open cabinets or steep stairs.

Babyproofing doesn't take too long. We'll get your home ready for your bundle of joy in a matter of hours. Your home will be a safe, sound environment for your new baby.

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