Protect Your Home from Costly Repairs this Winter

Protect Your Home from Costly Repairs this Winter

Snow and ice dam services in Waltham, Massachusetts and the surrounding areas

If you live in Massachusetts then you know that our area can experience some pretty tough and long winters. The average snow fall for our area is about 44 inches every year. With that kind of precipitation coming down it can be hard for the snow to melt in between snow storms. As a result snow and ice dams can form on the roof of your property.

Our local Waltham, Massachusetts handyman provides snow and ice dam removal services to residents across the area. We have a few effective solutions for homeowners to choose from that are proven to be effective.

One option is for our handyman to come out to your home and safely remove the snow off your roof. This is an extremely dangerous task which is why it is important that you hire a professional. Another option is for our handyman to install wires on your roof that will melt the snow. These heat cables should be turned on a few hours prior to a snow storm, so that the snow will start to melt as soon as it starts to fall.

Both of the above options are effective and our handyman will explain the features and benefits of both options to you when you give our Waltham, Massachusetts office a call!