Has a Winter Storm Left You Snowed-In?

Has a Winter Storm Left You Snowed-In?

Hire a snow removal company in Waltham, MA

Life and work don’t stop when the snow starts to fall. We get several snow and ice storms in Waltham, MA every year. Be prepared this winter by choosing The Clean Sweep as your go-to snow removal company. Our snow removal services are fast and effective. We use the best equipment on the market, and we have the experience needed to handle your snow removal job quickly.

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5 reasons to get rid of your snow and ice right away

The Clean Sweep provides snow removal services for commercial and residential clients. Whether you’re trying to open up shop for the day or need to get out of your driveway, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s why you should use our snow removal services in Waltham, MA this winter:

  1. Very few bosses around here accept snow as an excuse to miss work.
  2. Shoveling snow is a time-consuming chore without the right equipment.
  3. Someone could get injured if you don’t remove ice from parking lots or sidewalks.
  4. You won’t have to shut down your business because of the weather.
  5. Like we said, life always goes on in Waltham, even with a feet of snow.

We’re on-call and waiting for you to contact us. Discover why we’re a trusted snow removal company in the Waltham, MA area.