A Clean Chimney Is a Safe Chimney

A Clean Chimney Is a Safe Chimney

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A residue of soot builds up in your chimney over time. In order to keep your chimney operational, you’ll need to schedule an annual cleaning. If you use your chimney more often, you might need a cleaning both before and after winter.

The Clean Sweep provides expert chimney cleaning for clients in Waltham, MA and the surrounding areas. If you believe you’re overdue for a chimney cleaning, or if you’d like to schedule your annual cleaning, call us today and we’ll get your chimney in tip-top shape in no time.

3 reasons you should get your chimney cleaned

It’s important to get your chimney cleaned regularly. A dirty chimney can be dangerous for you and your family.

Here’s why you should get regular chimney cleaning done:

  1. Animals like birds, raccoons or squirrels could be nesting in your chimney.
  2. Build-up can cause cracks, which can damage your chimney.
  3. Soot is combustible and can catch on fire if it’s not cleaned out regularly.

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